Sunday, December 24, 2006

WriteToMyBlog revisited

rfidBack in October I mentioned WriteToMyBlog. I didn't try out for very long as I moved my blog to the new (Beta) version of Blogger which wasn't supported. However, WriteToMyBlog has been substantially updated and now supports the new Blogger so I thought I'd give it a try.

The word processor continues to be good; more featured than Blogger's or Goffice's (at least last tme I checked it out). The Flickr feature appears to work - sorry but the only useful photo I have on Flickr is the one of the rfid polluted passport. I've used this before, but why not again? I don't have any video I want to insert (yet) but there seems to be the facility to insert a YouTube video.

So, how well did it work?

Good experience but the fomating was wrong. There was a pop-up message from WriteToMyBlog as I posted saying the "convert line breaks" formatting option set to "no". When I go in a do that. this post looks great, but all the others look dreadful. I'm not going to re-edit them all by hand, so until I find a way over this hurdle I'll stick to Blogger or Goffice.

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