Friday, November 02, 2007


On the right is a picture of the special, limited edition of the Blue Aeroplanes "Harvester" which I bought last night at their gig in Bristol. Despite appearances, it is a CD. In fact, the side which gets played is black - pretty amazing although I understand I'm behind the times as I hadn't seen a black CD before.

The front looks like a vinyl 45rpm single, even down to have mock grooves in the black area. Neat.

The second picture is of Wire's "Outdoor miner". This is a vinyl 45rpm single - a white one. I've included it in this post because one of the cover tracks on "Harvester" is "Outdoor Miner". Also, as "Outdoor Miner" is on the Harvest label, you can compare the 100% authentic original "Harvest Moon" logo with the one on "Harvester". Neat.

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