Saturday, October 27, 2007

Up The Junction

I'm taking part in the BBC's "Archive Trial" which means that I have on-line access to some of the BBC's vast programme archive. I've watched an unbelievable "Juke Box Jury" from 1960 with a panel of Jill Ireland, David McCallum (a Man from Uncle), and Nina and Frederick, featuring records by Pinky and Perky amongst others which show how much better life is now than it was then. Generally though I've been a little unexcited by what on offer and what I've seen.

However, I've just watched "Up The Junction" (director Kenneth Loach), a BBC Wednesday Play first broadcast in November 1965, so now nearly 42 years old. It's based on a 1963 novel which was also made into a feature film a couple of years later. But, back to the play. It had a very high impact when it was broadcast and, even though I was too young to have seen it, it has been part of my cultural environment and I relished the chance to see it. I was not disappointed. I loved the very direct style, the issue of abortion is still fresh, and the "never-never" is still around ("American Express - that will do nicely). And the music is great.

On a technical point, I tried the new "Flash" viewer and found it too blocky for my 19" monitor. I restarted using the usual Window Media technology. Much better.

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