Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Roger's speaking role

Yes. Not only did I land a role in Hollywood, I landed a speaking role. OK, all is not what is claimed. We visited Universal Studios on Monday and I was hauled on stage to take part in a demonstration of audio effects. I had to read my lines when a red light came on. I was terrible; I missed my cues and I really didn't do a great Tinkerbell - even though the hostess told me I'd make a wonderful fairy.

Otherwise Universal Studios was pretty good. I would have been driven up the wall by all the waiting around but we had "Front of Line" tickets which worked wonderfully. We arrived at the amazing "Waterworld" show five minutes before the start and walked straight into reserved seats which were out of the splash zone - great. I throughly recommend "Front of Line".

Water and splashing was a constant theme for the day. We did "Jurassic Park" - a souped-up flume ride - twice, and get very wet both times - see the wet tee-shirt shot above.

My other highlight was having scarab beetles scuttle around my legs on "The Mummy" ride.

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