Monday, July 23, 2007

Japanese Peking Duck

The Shepherd family are in Beverly Hills. Last night, we went out to eat in a restaurant on Beverly Drive, not more than a few hundred metres from Rodeo Drive, home of Gucci, Valentino, etc - all the shops that will now be kept in business by Mrs Beckham. Needless to say, the restaurants on Beverly Drive are pretty good.

We ate in Mako a "Japanese" restaurant. It has some rave reviews on Yelp. I quote from one "When you finish eating here, you think, "That was too good, the chef has got to have a crush on me."" The food was very good; everything tasted fresh and natural - no chemicals used here. Our pudding was stunning - a bento box full of choclate dessert and vanilla ice-cream.

However, the most amazing item was the Japanese Peking Duck. We are all fans of peking duck and eat is as often as can in Bristol. Mako's Peking Duck was something else. The pancakes were savoury crepes - not gallettes, made from buckwheat flour, but crepes without sugar. Also, unlike the peking ducks we get at home, this one had not been run over by a steam roller, and was served in large pieces (e.g. leg) rather than shredded. After we'd eaten we commented to our server that the Peking Duck was unusual and unlike we normally had, and she told us that was because Mako always tried to serve Japanese dishes traditionally.

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