Thursday, April 05, 2007

N800 rip-off in the UK?

I have my eye on the Nokia N800 web tablet. But how should I get hold of one for a reasonable price? The best UK price I've found is £245.58 ( as against £279 from Nokia ( Many of the usually cheap suppliers sell the N800 for more than Nokia!

In the US, Nokia sells the N800 for $399.99 (£202.95), there is a seller on Google Base who is selling at $320 (£162), and someone on US E-bay selling at the same price with a $40 shipping fee to the UK. Now, I know in the UK I'd have to add VAT, but it's only 17.5% which brings the cheapest price up to around £190.

Rip-off Britain? Or is there a cheap local supplier?


Anonymous said...

i think mobileplace is the cheapest.

Roger said...

Certainly seems to be..

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