Friday, April 06, 2007

Is this genuine?

Well, maybe Nokia N800s aren't quite as cheap as they seem in the USA. One of the sellers on Google Base, Edward Woods, sent me the following mail in response to my query about shipping:

Hello Roger Shepherd,
Thanks for your mail.
The Nokia N800 cost $320 USD.
The Nokia N800 are all brand new,not opened factory sealed with 2 years and 6 months warrantties,They also comes with the full accessories,all in good and perfect conditions.
The shipments charges of the Nokia N800 are all inclueded in the price...$320 USD.
We can also ship and deliver the goods to your shipping address in the UK under 24 hours via fedEX or DHL.
Shipments is done immediately payments is confirmed by our accountant.
Our modes of payments are;
Bank wires.t/t.
western union money transfer.
Chose your method of payments from anyone of these two stated above.
How many units do you need?
How soon do you want them delivered?
Reply back asap.
Edward Woods.(Sales Rep)
Mobiles4all Limited.
This doesn't fill me with confidence about Mr Woods. The spelling is rotten - and exactly the same as he used in a mail I found reproduced on a BenQ message board - the consensus on that board was that the BenQ phones he was offering probably didn't. For my part, I wouldn't send money by Western Union to an unknown person on the promise of an e-mail such as this.

Furthermore, Mr Woods e-mail address is AT which interesting, as
  1. mobiles4all appears to have a reputation for being involved in some sort of pyramid scam, and
  2. I would expect someone having a genuine business shipping lots of phones (Mr Woods has plenty of others on Google Base) to have a more reputable e-mail address.
This all smells rotten to me. I think I shall tell Mr Woods I am interested in buying a number of his phones and can he send me his banking details. If I knew which law enforcement authority to contact about this I would contact them. Maybe I'll contact Google Base.

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