Sunday, April 01, 2007

Make Gmail even better

For my personal mail I now use Gmail almost exclusively. (The only time I've downloaded any mail via POP recently has been to check the configuration of my PC-bound mailer). I'm also very keen on Google Reader; since Version 2 was released I've given up on Awasu (a great tool, but PC-bound), and now exclusively use Reader.

The last big leap forward was the addition to Gmail of the ability to read POP mail from other accounts. Gmail is a one-stop-shop for all my e-mail; for some reason my ISP uses their own e-mail system to communicate with me, and once I'd moved to Gmail, I'd get to poll my ISP's mail very often.

And now, I've finally caught up with another leap forward, the integration of Gmail and Google Reader. Really easy. Really lightweight. Recommended.

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