Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Now the PC is a bit more lived in

I recounted my early experience with my Aldi (Medion 8818) in a previous post. I've still not solved my Palm sync problem, but I have read that if I use an old version of Palm desktop it might work - we'll see.

Otherwise things are pretty good. I'm running with dual 19" monitors. The Nvidia set up is a little obscure for my liking and I've yet to work out how to configure things so I can switch between two screens and one large virtual screen easily. Anyhow, not a huge bother.

I've now got most of the software I use regularly loaded and running. Everything seems to run fine and the machine is much faster than I'm used to. And that's with Google desktop, MSN Messanger, etc. all running in the background by default.

I tried out the DVD buring software (CyberLink PowerDirector, PowerProducer, etc.) and it all seemed to work OK for very little effort. I've not tried Nero yet, but I'm sure I'll get round to it soon. I did, however, try out Microsoft MediaCenter - waste of disk space I suspect, but since I've not got any TV feed to the PC this judgement may be premature.

The only real complaint I have is that the wireless keyboard is rather particular about something. I'm not completely sure what yet, but from time-to-time it ceases to work as a keyboard; it works fine as a random substring generator though. Strangely the matching mouse seems fine.

Anyhow, very pleased so far.

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