Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Airport Security

I remember traveling through a large US airport just after 9/11 and being scared. Scared by the security guards that is. They seemed poorly trained and they didn't look too sure of what they were doing. With friends like that....

My most recent incident with airport security happened last night (24th October), going through security at about ten in the evening in Lyons airport on my way to Birmingham. There was a commotion in the queue in front of me; the security people were turning back a few rather unhappy people. The reason: the date on the travelers' tickets was tomorrow's (the 25th) not today's (24th). Despite the victims pointing out that their flight was, indeed, tomorrow but at 0:20 hours, the guards persisted. Eventually one guy got so annoyed he ran off to get help from an airline official who came over and remonstrated with the security guards until they let the early morning fliers go through.

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