Friday, June 30, 2006

Lyon Airport

Every time I travel through Lyon Airport, I am struck by the architecture of the TGV station. Seen from certain angles it reminds me of an old french railway poster of a streamlined train, billowing out smoke.

Having decided to mention this here, I thought I'd try to find an image of the poster - which I've failed to do - and, in the course of doing so, I discovered (uncultured slob I am) that the station is the work of the famous architect
Santiago Calatrava. I also came across a paper that informed me that the inspiration was an anteater and an animal's ribcage. I hope the paper is wrong - I like the idea of a TGV station carrying the imprint of a steam train.

Many thanks to Jonathan Rawle for permission to use his photo of Lyon's TGV station.

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