Saturday, June 24, 2006

Where's my lunch?

It's Saturday and my two kids are out for the day paintballing; it's a rare opportunity to go out for a nice Saturday lunch with my wife. We thought we'd try our favourite restaurent. But I don't have Culinaria's phone number to hand. I could use the phone directory at but I tend to use this only as a last resort. I duly type "Culineria Bristol" into the mighty Google AI. It asks me if I meant "Culinaria Bristol" (which puts me in my place) and then offers up a list of pages (c. 29,000). Number found. However, none of the links on the first page, or on any of Google Local's pages refer to the restaurant's own web page. Which is shame as contains lots of useful information that Google Local omits, such as opening hours, holiday periods, the menu and the "Food For Home" list. Yahoo Search and MSN do no better. Maybe this post will help boost Culinaria's page ranking.

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