Thursday, June 22, 2006

In Business

One of my favorite podcasts is "In Business" from the BBC. I know it's a radio programme, but I hear it as a podcast. The last edition I heard covered the interesting issue of how the BBC is adapting to the brave new world. It was very interesting to hear the Director General (head honcho) talk about the BBC's vision. For my part I'm pleased to see the BBC embracing the internet. I'm very grateful that more and more of their content is being podcast and, despite the poor quality, it's good that I can watch the World Cup on my PC.

But back to "In Business," it manages to be consistently interesting and well-informed. When it covers anything I know something about it seems to get its facts right, which puts it head and shoulders above most reporting. Finally, Peter Day, the presenter has one of the great radio voices. Thoughly recommended.

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