Saturday, December 07, 2013

Highlights - Donna Maciocia

I'm so slow - I went to Donna's gig at The Canteen in Bristol at the end of October and haven't got round to mentioning it. I was so pleased to see her live so many years after first coming across her work in Amplifico. It was a very good gig, she and Gideon Conn, played a lot of music from their new album* and some old favourites. I was pleased to pick up a copy of "Fists At The Sky" on proper CD. I'm a sucker for for physical media - I've bought the new album on vinyl, and I've not been able to play vinyl for at least a decade.

[*OK - it is an LP each side of which is an EP, one by Donna, one by Gideon. Of course, I'm old enough to remember when EPs were 7" vinyl with two tracks on each side. Donna's side does have four tracks, but Gideon's has five - go figure].  

This is a photo of Donna paying her Uke:


and this is a video for the excellent "Highlights".

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