Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spoilt ballot papers

I'm pleased Trym Tales reported this. I was in favour of an elected mayor, and voted "Yes" in the referendum, and duly voted in last week's mayoral election. But then there was the other election - the Police Commissioner election. This shouldn't be an elected post. As one who think that as the right to vote has been fought for, I think one's vote should be used. So, what to do? I spoilt my ballot with a few words about why this was an election far. I know at least one person I know did the same, and it seems we were not alone; to quote Trym Tales:

More probable is that large numbers of Bristol voters were unhappy with the whole idea of elected Police and Crime Commissioners. Renwick's analysis of the national scene is again relevant:
"The perception is that some voters expressed their disagreement with the idea of politicising the police by deliberately casting an invalid vote"  
Anecdotally, Renwick also notes that 
"Many observers at the 41 counts around England and Wales saw ballots with mini-essays on them."

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