Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ashton Court MTB Trails

I had a wonderful time in Ashton Court on Saturday riding around. There is a serious amount of trail creation going on - some which means that parts of the Timberland trail are closed off at the moment. There's some information on the Bristol Trails Group website but it doesn't prepare you for great experience of the new trail that has been completed. The Quarry loop has been transformed. There's very little that's technical - there's 50 Acre Wood for that - but the new trail is wonderfully fluid and swoopy. I'd never really found going up the old not-next-to-the-quarry leg very enjoyable - doing it the "wrong way" was better but still not great. The quarry leg was better - more interesting but not great. In summary, I was never very concerned if I did the Quarry loop or not - I'd happily escape to 50 Acre without a trip. 

I did the new Quarry Loop four times on Saturday.  

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