Sunday, August 22, 2010

What to do with some old ACM journals

I looked at a CD I received through the post this week. It was the SIGPLAN 2008 CD. Unlike in previous years, I stuck the CD into a computer and looked at what was on it. It had conference proceedings, SIGPLAN Notices, TOPLAS and the like for the full year. I could save some shelf space if I got rid of my paper copies and kept the CD. So I checked my shelves. The first thing I found was a whole set of CDs, SIGPLAN CDs back through 2004; even more shelf space! So, what am I to do with the paper copies? I can't just put them out for recycling can I?


omnivorist said...

Recycle them - it's easier than you think. You don't want to leave it for your boys to do ... you know: "What was he keeping all these old things for?" kind of thing, do you?

The Editor said...

That your children may judge you soon may be your concern Omnivorist, but mine is more mundane - surely there is something better to do with them than to recycle them. And keeping them is not better than recycling them.

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