Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blue Aeroplanes

From Blue Aeroplanes Thunderbolt March 2010

I saw The Blue Aeroplanes play a great gig last week at the Thunderbolt, warming up their upcoming appearance at SXSW. They had a great line-up and played a cracking set. I'm really looking forward to buying a CD or something (new album) with "25 Kinds of Love" on it. As to the photos, Chris Sharpe lurks in the background a bit, so he's easy to miss, but Max Noble doesn't and John Langley was very visible so there's really no excuse for not having managed to snap them - but I didn't.

Thanks to Chris Sharpe I am able to tell you that the setwas:-
  1. Nothing (new album)
  2. Up In A Down World
  3. Sulphur (new album)
  4. Great Movie Clichés (new album)
  5. Bury Your Love Like Treasure
  6. Don't You Dare (Rita song)
  7. Huh!
  8. Cowardice & Caprice
  9. Raise The Roof
  10. Oak Apple Day (new album)
  11. Go Along With Me On This One (Gerard Starkie song)
  12. 25 Kinds Of Love (new album)
  13. Jacket Hangs
  14. Yr Own World

  15. Lover & Confidante
  16. The Applicant

  17. Warhol's 15
  18. Breaking In My Heart
I recommend the support band, "Daddy Long Bones" as well.

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