Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great Literary Works

I went to Leigh Woods on my bike today. The weather was wonderful - late September sunshine and a perfect temperature for cycling. The conditions in the woods were good too - very little mud so no need for a three hour bike clean after a two hour bike ride.

I think Leigh Woods must have been the inspiration behind a couple of literary ideas.

The first - chronologically - is the original Adventure game. In Leigh Woods you move from a maze of little twisty passages into a maze of twisty little passages, and the only way you can tell where you are is by spotting things you dropped previously.

The second is the staircase at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter stories(Author J K Rowling was brought up not far from Leigh Woods). You may recell that the staircases move about. Well, so do the trails in Leigh Woods. It's different every time and some of the most interesting parts are very good at hiding. It's months since I've encountered The Wall of Death.

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