Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spoiled for Choice

I got my ballot paper for the €uro elections through the post today. In the South West Region we have 17 parties standing. They are, in the order they appear on the ballot paper:

  1. British National Party British National Party - Protecting Bristish Jobs
  2. Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship" The Christian Party - CPA
  3. Conservative Party
  4. English Democrats Party English Democrats - "Putting England First"
  5. Fair Pay Fair Trade Import Only Fair Trade Products
  6. Jury Team
  7. Liberal Democrats
  8. Mebyon Kernow - The Party for Cornwall
  9. No2EU: Yes To Democracy
  10. Pensioners Party For All Ages
  11. Pro Democracy:
  12. Socialist Labour Party (LEADER ARTHUR SCARGILL)
  13. The Green Party
  14. The Labour Party
  15. United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP
  16. WAI D Your Decision
  17. Katie Olivia Hopkins Independent
With very little in the way of election leaflets (at least in comparison to the number of parties standing) I've found Tory Blogger James Barlow's website very useful. I've learned that:-
  • CPA seem to be carpetbaggers from London
  • Fair Pay Fair Trade Party comes from Stroud (can't say I'm surprised)
  • Katie Hopkins was on the apprentice
Also a bit of Googling shows that the independent Jury Party seems to be a Cameronist front, and Wai D isn't the party of web design. So, all in all, the ballot paper is a bit like the Freeview EPG - lots of choice but little that you'd really like to watch.


Rocker said...

No2EU; UKIP; and BNP - how do fascist tossers decide who to vote for?

The Editor said...

Like non-fascist non-tossers? I don't think they'd choose No2EU if they read their web site - "The growing cynicism created by politicians is leading to a rise in support for far-right, fascist parties such as the British National Party.

Yet, the BNP has no answers. They peddle hate and seek to undermine organisations that working people rely on to protect them like trade unions.

The BNP claims to oppose the European Union but its leader, who denies the holocaust took place, can’t wait to get on the gravy train and link up with other fascist parties from Italy and France in the European parliament.

Vote No2EU - Yes to Democracy to oppose the BNP and resist the threat to exploit the current economic crisis to promote racist political ends."

Tony Debling said...

Blogger Shepherd, you are truly wasted in your current occupation! Day job that is!

James Barlow said...

Happy to be of service.

What's a Cameronist front?

The Editor said...

Cameronist front - an organisation that does not appear at first glance to be Cameronist but which actually pursues Cameronist policies. Stealth Tories. Maybe I misjudged them?

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