Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good service

Since I'm prepared to moan about bad service it's only right that I should comment on good service. In this case the service was from Bristol International Airport. I'm soon to travel to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, by air from Bristol. When I booked my flight I also booked parking at the airport. I should explain that I made two parking reservations that day, one for my February holiday in Switzerland, and for this trip to Newcastle. Recently I received a mail from Bristol Airport about the Newcastle trip which mentioned "Parking Arrangements". I couldn't remember making any so I used the airport's website to check my bookings. Nothing showed up for the dates of my trip to Newcastle, so I made a parking reservation.

However, when I went to file the (paper) details with the flight reservation , I found the details of my previous booking. Two parking spaces is one too many, so I mailed the parking administration people at the airport and they sorted me out quickly. Thanks.

Bristol Airport - good to be able to check parking reservation on-line, bad that two made on the same day don't show up, but very good service.

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Anonymous said...

Ever heard of global warming Rog? Or trains?

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