Monday, March 16, 2009

Aeroplanes take off

From Aeroplanes

What a great gig last night. Bristol's Blue Aeroplanes played a pre-SXSW gig at The Thunderbolt. The line-up was Max Noble (guitar), Dave Chapman (guitar), Chris Sharp (bass), Wojtek Dmochowski (dance), Gerard Starkey (guitar and vocals), John Langley (drums), Garard Langley (vocals), Rita Lynch (guitar and vocals) and John Stapleton (DJ). I don't know how long it is since John Stapleton has performed with the 'planes but I don't think I've seen gim since I saw the 'planes play the Hope Centre back in the year dot.

From Aeroplanes
The band played a great set ("Raise The Roof", "Warhol's 15", "Sulphur", "25 Kinds of Love", "Angela Carter", "Play On Empty", "Oak Apple Day", "Police 38 Divinity", "Lover and Confidante", "One World Passport", "Tied To You", "Nothing", "Birthday Suit And Badge", "Jacket Hangs", and "Bury Your Love Like Treasure") and great encore ("Your Own World", "Too Drunk To Fuck", and "Breaking In My Heart"). The new material sounds great - "Sulphur" is excellent on a first hearing (I think - maybe they played it at Christmas) and "25 Kinds of Love" is not enough. (Sorry, I mean is fast becoming a favourite).

From Aeroplanes
This gig was so much better than the sad years when the Christmas show seemed like a "Gerard Swaggers - a Blue Aeroplanes Tribute Band". It's great to hear the good new material and the old stuff being revisited. It's as though the "Swagger" is no longer weighing down the band and they have moved on to pastures new and old.


Gray said...

thanks a lot for that mate! wish I'd been there - looked like fun! maybe next time....

Geoff Barrett said...

What sort of an instrument is a "dance"?

The Editor said...

"the dance": ballet, interpretive dancing, and other dancing of an artistic nature performed by professional dancers before an audience.

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