Saturday, February 28, 2009


I've found Spotify. I found it because someone posted on HotUKDeals that Spotify had the new U2 album available for streaming this week (i.e. prior to release) and I thought I'd give Spotify a try.

Well, I'm impressed. I've used on and off but it seems to stream me lots of stuff I don't like and it's catalogue doesn't seem to have all the stuff it want to listen to. Spotify is different. To start with you can programme the music you want - none of this "XYZ Station" stuff which gives you a track by "XYZ" every fifteen minutes. 1-nil to Spotify. The catalogue is pretty good - I've noticed the absence of Richard and Linda Thomspon's "Shoot Out The Lights" - and it is just so good being able to explore music at whim. I particularly like being able play several versions of a song. For example, there are versions  of  "I Only Want To Be With You" by Dusty Springfield (*****), The Bay City Rollers (*),  The Tourists (****), Tina Area(**),  Nicolette Larson (*), Michell (* German but she sounds Japanese to me), Michael Poss (nil points - worse than the BCR).

Well worth a try out.


Richard Taylor said...

Try "Ghost Riders in the Sky" :-). Our local college station did a 4 hour special on that song, 3 hours of different recordings followed by an hour of the best.

The Editor said...

Good suggestion. The Outlaws, Johnny Cash, The Ventures, Children of Bodom, Marty Robins, The Fenderman,Silistiyhye Suomi, Ross Nickerson, ...

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