Friday, December 05, 2008

The decline of Geneva Airport

I use Geneva airport many times a year. It is well served by the excellent Easyjet from Bristol and provides the most convenient route to visit my company's Grenoble site. One of the factors that makes Geneva an easy airport to use is that the car hire is adjacent to the terminal. Quick to get away and quick to get back - great. No more alas. It seems the car hire has moved and shuttle buses are now needed. I hope this is just a temporary move.

But there is more - and worse. The Easyjet flight back to Bristol has usually left from a "B" gate which avoids the worst of the security queues. Unfortunately today we left from a "D" gate. This requires going through security hell and then getting lost - very poor signage and a long walk. I hope this is just a temporary move, caused by work to upgrade Swiss airports to be Schengen compatible.

[Now let me see - Schengen is about a border free EU; the UK is part of the EU, Switerland isn't; but Switerland is in Schengen and the UK isn't. Does not compute!]

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