Friday, November 21, 2008

Spot the Turkey

The great Sarah Palin makes a reappearance on my blog.......


Elena said...

Europeans and faux europaphiles haven't a clue/klew what to make of Sarah Palin and her relentless optimism. She is far from stupid, and despite how the MSM (mainstream media) frames her, you can't be stupid and get to be governor of a major state like Alaska. It would be nice if people focused more on policy discussions rather than petty personality quirks (could Winston Churchill run for office and win today? Doubtful!) but, of course, when you're as pretty as Sarah I suppose its normal to be fascinated with her as a celebrity. The American people tend to trust those that have a good heart and come from a place of "heartland values". She might not be ready to be VP of the USA, and certainly not President, but watch out for Sarah in the future!

The Editor said...

I think a lot of us Brits (I'm don't understand "Europeans") seriously misjudge Americans because we assume they are "just like us" and we apply the same rules as we would to other Brits. Hence, anyone as enthusiastic as Sarah Palin is judged to be somewhere between naive and detached from reality. (So beware when you find an enthusiastic Brit - they may be dangerously unhinged). In fact, I think the biggest single mistake that is made is assume that anyone who speaks slowly must be stupid - something Texans and other Southerners have used to their devastating advantage for years.

But to return to your point - I think it was Sarah Palin's instant celebrity which immediately appealed to the American people, and as they came to understand her "heartland values" they rejected her. But what do I know, I'm just a European.

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