Monday, October 06, 2008

Wierd Al Lauper

One of my favourite songs covered by Wierd Al Yankovich


Richard Taylor said...

The current edition of Wired has an article about Weird Al that mentions this song. "Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch " he sighs "was parody done under duress."

Kathryn said...

When we bought our first Mac 128K one of the first things I did was make this sign:


(imagine it in different fonts for each word.) But I never got around to writing a song for it.

adriano.m said...

Can sound strange but even here in Italy there is someone who deeply appreciate the deranged genius of W.A.Y. One of my favorites is Yoda, parody of The Kinks' Lola.

The Editor said...

Not at all surprised that there is someone from the land of high culture who appreciates W. A. Y. I've appreciated his work ever since i heard "All about the Pentiums".

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