Friday, September 12, 2008

Orange Power Reduction?

I've used Orange as my mobile network for years and I've been please with the service; my wife's phone is on Orange, my son's phnoe is on Orange and my phone is on Orange. But since we came back from our holidays at the start of August something has happened to the network - the coverage in my house is dreadful - the coverage in my office is dreadful - generally the network seems less reliable than usual. Now, I know that energy costs are one of the major items in a mobile network's budget, so maybe Orange have lowered the power on their network following the hike in energy costs?


Tony Debling said...

Would mobile broadband have any impact? I have noticed much the same. Here is the link to my blog just in case you had /forgotton it;

The Editor said...

It sounds likely it would.

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