Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Next Prime Minister

Thursday's local elections in the UK have shown that people are prepared to vote Tory again. The possibility, neigh likelihood, of the next Primer Minister being David "Lord Snooty" Cameron, is being treated seriously by the political commentators.

However, I think the elections have started the process that ensures Labour's fourth term. Step One (taken): Ken Livingstone frees himself from his mayoral duties. Step Two: Ken re-enters Parliament (Gwyneth Dunwoody's safe Labour seat is up for grabs, although I think Ken really wants a London seat). Step Three: Ken forces leadership election in Labour party; Livingstone beats Broon - Ken becomes PM. Four: "In the interests of democray" Ken calls snap general election and achieves Labour's fourth term.

Thanks to Topsy Grewlike for the photo which in published under a creative commons licence.

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