Monday, January 28, 2008

iPhone fuss

Thanks to Kathryn for her illuminating comment about my previous iPhone post.

So, the first thing I take is that the Apple-AT&T deal has pulled down a garden wall. This is great and it may have taken the iPhone to cause this to happen - certainly if I were Apple, cutting a deal I'd have wanted the whole web available to my customers. I know that here in the UK, the mobile web has been opening up slowly for some time. At the recent Wireless 2.0 conference in Bristol one of the presenters said that a few weeks previously, for the first time all five of the UK networks were operating openly, passing over all the traffic that they should.

Secondly, the iPhone is a great PIM. I really like having my diary, contacts available on my "carry it at all times device" (a.k.a. phone). Are you listening Nokia - the N800, N810 needs a decent PIM.

Thirdly, there is some really great integration of applications into the iPhone - "clicking a phone number on a webpage and dialing it," checking my position on Google Maps" (my Nokia symbian E50 lets me do this - but I doubt many owners do it).

Maybe the coming together of these features in a neat package is a great leap forward?

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