Thursday, May 03, 2007

Maemo Mapper

Maemo Mapper is possibly the best crafted piece of software I've used in ages, and I don't just mean N800 software. Not quite sure how to describe it. It can be used as if it were just a front end to Google Maps or Virtual Earth. It can be used with a bluetooth GPS to show current position and to record maps. But you say, surely when your driving around, your not connected to the net. Well, certainly I'm not, but MM will cache away maps it's already downloaded and reuse these.

The application uses the N800 wonderfully. According to its author, the application has been written from the ground up for the N770/N800 display and for the processor power and memory available. You can see the benefit. I've only encountered one bug/misfeature; the "downloading file" appears even when not connected to the net - and stays there stuck in this case. Otherwise, 10/10.

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