Monday, May 07, 2007

Back from New York

So, I managed to blog from my N800, and I managed to send e-mail. For some reason the mail-with-picture didn't send until this evening, when I logged into G-mail and found it in my drafts.

I don't quite know how the blog ended up with the right font on my previous post. Blogger doesn't seem to render the "font" icon on the N800.

So, on the right, you can see me in front of some Wharhol soup cans. Photo taken by my wife in the Museum of Modern Art yesterday.


omnivorist said...

I'm not quite sure I believe the picture; it looks like a photoshop job to me :-)

Roger said...

I agree; it does look like a software manipulated photograph. In fact, it is genuine. The photo has been cropped, colour corrected, and warped to straighten the edges, but it is a genuine photo of me in front of a bundle of Warhol soup cans.

Interestingly some of the other photos I took on the trip look similarly fake. I think it is the use of fill-in flash in daylight that caused those to look odd.

I suspect with the Warhol's the problem comes from the colour balance being wrong for me.

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