Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Above Canada

My campaign to increase my carbon footprint continues. After my trip to Delhi last week, I'm now traveling west to California, to attend the EEMBC (EEMBC Embedded Microprocessor Benchmarking Consortium) meeting. Then I'm going to a make a slight detour through Idaho and Colorado on my way home to attend to some other business.

I don't know why British Airways aren't more communicative with their customers. There I was, quite happily working away on my laptop, using the T-mobile hotspot, when the call came for passengers on BA285 to headfor the gate. So, off I went, only to find - eventually - that the flight was about an hour late. Of course, no wi-fi near the gate. Why not wait until they're ready before calling their customers?

The in-flight movies are the same as were showing to and from India. However, as I didn't watch anything on that trip they may as well have been a new set. I started to watch "Venus", the Leslie "Ding-Dong" Philips - Richard Harris vehicle which sounded promising. Either it's rubbish or just not suited to the very small screen. I swapped to the Hugh Grant - Drew Barrymore RomCom "Music and Lyrics" which didn't seem to suffer from not having caught the first 10-15 minutes. Just right for a plane - even with brain off you can guess the plot - but OK. Strangely enough Hugh Grant plays Hugh Grant.

I can feel a new MP3 player coming on. Mine has a faulty connection which results in getting what appears to be a L-R mono signal. I was confused by listening to Morrissey's "You are the quarry" without Morrissey's voice for a while.

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