Sunday, March 11, 2007

Grenoble once more

Yet another contribution to my carbon footprint. Grenoble again.

Grenoble must be booming as it can be very difficult to find hotel accommodation at times. I try to stay in the centre of town so my journey in to the office is short and I can walk to wherever I am going in the evening. However, I am often thwarted in this aim. For this trip, I am staying in the Chateau-Hotel de la Commanderie which is well away fro the centre of town, south of of the Rocarde Sud (ring road).

I have been here once before for a meal, but I've never stayed before. It is a lovely setting, and it has free wi-fi. Unfortunately, or otherwise, I can't connect to my company's network. None of the VPN nodes seem to be responding, so I've chosen to update my blog. Tant pis, as they say around here.

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