Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Adventures in Music

I used to listen to the venerable John Peel from time to time. I'd go through phases; sometimes he would be compulsive listening, sometimes something to be sampled. What was alway great though was his "Festive Fifty". So, it was with great delight that I received a mail, via MySpace, from Dandelion Radio, telling me that they had run this year's Festive Fifty in lieu of the late Mr Peel. The bad news was, it now being February, they had stopped running the show. However, the website listed all the tracks, and thanks to the wonder of that collection of tubes, known as the internet, many of them could be heard on-line. What an education! After many months of listening only to podcasts, to be shown another world.

So what's hot? My answer is The Pipettes. Why their great Pull Shapes only made number 19 in the Festive Fifty, and not number 1 over the whole world is beyond me. There links to many of their videos on their record company's site (good quality) and loads of stuff on YouTube. The video for Pull Shapes is great, a homage to Russ Meyer.

Finally, respect due to Rocker and the rest of the Dandelion crew.

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