Sunday, February 25, 2007

Global Warming and Skiing

The break in postings on this blog is due to my having been on a skiing trip to La Clusaz in France.

Going up for snowThis year has been very poor for snow in this part of France. In mid-February thereGrass and Snow should be lots and lots of snow in La Clusaz. This year there wasn't. The southern facing slopes were pretty much bare below about 1600-1700m. Above that things were better, but the snow conditions left a lot to be desired until you got up to around 2000-2100m, and in La Clusaz there isn't a lot of skiing at that height - La Balme and L'Aiguille were the only places with really good snow.

We had rain/sleet/snow on the morning of our final day in La Clusaz. There were a few centimetres of powder to play in. Unfortunately the wind was quite strong and the chair (as seen in these photos) leading up to L'Aigille wasn't open so I was stuck with rather heavy powder. Then it started raining....

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