Saturday, January 20, 2007

So what was Grenoble like Roger?

The weather was dreadful. I was walking around outside in my shirtsleeves during the day! Remember we are talking about mid-January. Far too hot. No snow. Dreadful. Or, as my colleagues told me "Disaster".

The food was good. I've already told you about the wonders of the Three Roses, and on Thursday, I went out to the "Prince of India" and ate "Agneau rogan josh". I know that this name is only as strange as "Lamb rogan josh" but it did amuse me to read the menu. My dining partner had "Poulet vinderloo". Actually, there was one strangeness, the "Nan" is explained as being "galette" which more like a pancake than a nan. But, whatever it was called, it was excellent. I'll certainly be back next time in time.


Ray Lightning said...

I guess if you are still here, you might find yourself a nice weekend on the slopes. As it's been snowing for a couple of days

Roger said...

Ray, Pleased to hear the snow has arrived. I'm back in sunny England but I'm flying out to Grenoble on Monday - unfortunately I won't get time to visit Les Sept Lacs or get in any skiing while I'm over. Oh well...

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