Thursday, November 09, 2006

Picasso and Picasa

Early this year I visited Las Vegas in the quiet season, just after CES, for a meeting of the Board of EEMBC. The meeting was held in The Wynn hotel owned by Steve Wynn who recently hit the news because he ripped a hole in his very valuable Picasso painting.

I think I was told that the the Wynn was the most expensive hotel ever built in Las Vegas (at least until the next one). I was very disappointed with it. The room I had for my first night was very noisy and I got myself moved for the second. More importantly, the place seemed to lack class. It oozed money but lacked class.

From Las Vegas
You can see that a lot of the money was spent on marble. These pictures were taken in the men's "restroom" (as the locals call it) in one of the public areas. The walls of the cubicle are solid marble. Very tasteful.

Why "Picasso and Picasa"? Because these pictures are stored on Picasa Web Albums, Google's (sort of) Flickr-alike. I don't think Picasa's web presence is as interesting as Flickr, but it integrates nicely with Picasa the desktop photo-app.

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