Tuesday, October 17, 2006

17th October: Web 2.0, Fox Cub and Billy Bragg

Someone told me it was National Blogging Day today so I feel compelled to post something today. Actually it's been quite interesting and I have something worth blogging about for once.

This evening I went to a Bristol Enterprise Network meeting about "Web 2.0." It was very interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, because a fair number of the people attending obviously weren't aware of the mighty change that is upon us. Secondly because I met some interesting people, including David Crisp, the CEO of a Bristol based Web 2.0 company Mista.

Mista is looking at some sort of location based Web 2.0 play. The alpha trial website is at
www.sharing-places.com which shows off some of their ideas. It seems like a good idea to me; it needs development but has huge potential. I can see a user content, location dependent, mobile play being sucessful.

Walking home from the meeting, I was listening to Episode 4 of Billy Bragg's podcast. I know I've blogged about Billy Bragg before, but I think he and his podcast are great. Tonight's listening included Billy's version of the great Leon Rosselson song "World Turned Upside Down" about the Diggers. I love this song and it was great to hear this evening.

Finally, as I go to within a couple of hundred yards of home, I came across a young fox cub feasting on some rubbish by the side of the road. I could get really close-up and I took a picture on my phone. I'll try to add it to this post when I've figured out how to. Actually, I guess what I should do is put my trail for this evening into sharing-places and add the photo to that; maybe I'll just put it on my blog.

P.S. Yes, I'm aware of a certain irony: "The sin of property / We do disdain" goes well with the entrepeneurs trying to make their fortune from Web 2.0.

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