Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Echoes of Robert Wyatt and David Bowie

I went to see David Gilmour at the Royal Festival Hall last night. Overall a very good evening with three outstanding incidents.

Firstly, the appearance of Robert Wyatt playing trumpet during one of the songs from "On an Island". It was great to Robert live on stage again after many years.

Secondly, an absolutely stunning performance of "Echoes". The band seemed to be really into the piece and there was a very good middle section (I guess improvised) with great interactions between David Gilmour and Rick Wright. And then there was the Pink Floyd style light show. Wonderful, great, made the whole evening worthwhile. "Echoes" always was my favourite.

Thirdly, David Bowie joined on stage during the encore to sing "Arnold Layne" and the doctor's part of "Comfortably Numb". I've heard Roger Waters, Robert Wyatt, Kate Bush and Bob Geldorf sing the part but Dr Bowie surpassed them all.

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